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Test reduces pneumonia rates in stroke patients

22 December 2014

Pneumonia rates in stroke patients has more than halved as a result of a novel cough test investigated by researchers at UC's Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research.

High levels of adaptability shown by businesses

22 December 2014

A major University of Canterbury report has found a high level of innovation and adaptability shown by hundreds of organisations in Canterbury following the earthquakes.

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18 December 2014

New Zealand is on the bow wave of global change due to its southern location near the Antarctic circumpolar current, a visiting academic says.

Avon-Heathcote estuary research a world-first

16 December 2014

In March 2010, Christchurch's Avon-Heathcote estuary experienced a huge (90 percent) reduction in nutrient input resulting from the diversion of wastewater to an ocean outfall

UC student helps Tonga's Ministry of Health

15 December 2014

Ground-breaking research by University of Canterbury masters student Tom Swan is helping Tonga's Ministry of Health in the fight against mosquito-related diseases.

Spiders run for their lives

15 December 2014

A University of Canterbury expert says many insects, and also most spiders, are afraid of ants and run for their lives if they encounter myrmarachne melanotarsa.

Business student investigating tax issues

15 December 2014

A University of Canterbury postgraduate business student is investigating tax issues in the United States so the knowledge gained from her study can help inform tax policy.

Big bang of bird evolution

12 December 2014

Two UC biological scientists are part of a massive international effort that sequenced the genomes of 45 bird species helping unearth the best revolutionary framework map.

Canterbury e-learning professor recognised

08 December 2014

A UC professor of e-learning with an outstanding international research reputation has been recognised for her contribution to the New Zealand education system.

Impacts of future eruptions highlighted

08 December 2014

A future eruption from one of New Zealand's caldera volcanoes can be expected to cause considerable physical, social and economic damage to New Zealand.

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