Explore Christchurch with New Online Challenge

26 January 2017

To mark the six-year anniversary of the February 22 earthquake, the University of Canterbury's CEISMIC Digital Archive project team have created an online challenge which asks users to guess the location of a given photograph from the archive.

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CEISMIC Xplore – created in the UC Arts Digital Lab by Digital Analyst Lucy-Jane Walsh and CEISMIC volunteers Brad McNeur and Aidan Millow – is inspired by the popular GeoGuessr app, which drops a player in a random location in Google StreetView and challenges them to work out where in the world they are.

A Christchurch-specific challenge has been on the cards at CEISMIC for a while now.

“We thought the anniversary was the perfect time to make it happen,” says Lucy-Jane Walsh. “We wanted to create a fun way for people to remember their city, given that it’s changing so rapidly.”

“It’s a great way to showcase the huge number of geo-located photographs in the archive.”

The CEISMIC archive contains more than 150,000 items related to the Canterbury earthquakes, many of which are images contributed by community organisations and individuals. The CEISMIC team have put a huge effort into geo-locating these images, in order to help researchers and the community use them more easily.

CEISMIC Xplore draws images from the archive that are located within the Four Avenues.

“It’s a bit harder than GeoGuessr in that you’re only given a static photo to guess from, but we’ve had a good response from those who have played it so far.”

CEISMIC contains photographs from all over Canterbury, but limiting the pool of photographs to those taken in the central city was a way to make the game a bit easier.

“It’s our hope that people who play the game will enjoy seeing the wide variety of images we’ve collected, and that it will help them piece together their scattered memories of the city.”

Xplore can be found at xplore.ceismic.org.nz

For more info contact:
Rosalee Jenkin
Phone: 364 2987 ext. 8821
Email: rosalee.jenkin@canterbury.ac.nz


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