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Internships in event management and documentary film-making for a community organisation are just two examples of how a Bachelor of Arts degree at UC can be supplemented with ‘real world’ experience in industry.

What are Arts Internships?

A range of internships in a variety of industries give UC Bachelor of Arts students the opportunity to apply the theories they have learnt and gain a competitive edge upon graduation.

'The aim of the programme is to make students aware of their skills beyond just the subject they are studying,' says Internships Coordinator Dr Stephen Hardman.

'They also gain more of an understanding about research — it can be about investigating a topic that has real world relevance.'

How it works

The programme consists of three components — an internship with a business or community organisation, a related academic research element, and weekly group sessions where students reflect on their experience.

A variety of projects

Students have worked on projects as diverse as analysing social media, website content development, event organisation, policy analysis, media strategy development, business systems analysis, marketing and fundraising, and oral history research.

'It just shows how transferable an arts degree is into any industry or organisation — it’s the skills they acquire while studying that subject that are valuable.'

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