Understand the digital world

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Digital Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (DIGI) has been developing since the 1980s in response to the increasingly digital nature of scholarship and intellectual culture.

A huge variety of connections

The community is highly interdisciplinary, with strong connections to English, History, Art History, Classics, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Media and Communication, Journalism, Political Science, New Media Studies and Software Studies.

Embracing scholarship

DIGI is also highly connected to the world outside academia, in particular the digital cultural heritage sector associated with galleries, libraries and museums. DIGI embraces scholarship wherever it can be found, and recognises that success in the 21st century is going to require flexibility of thought, practice and community.

Learning valuable skills

Study involves analysis, interpretation, and a focus on high quality written expression and rigorous scholarly method. DIGI students create and use a wide variety of digital products, including websites, archives, databases, and mobile apps. Students are introduced to activities like text encoding, digital archiving, GIS mapping and data visualisation, as well as practices like blogging, tweeting and online publishing. Some go on to specialise in one or several methods that suit their scholarly goals. DIGI allows you to gain valuable digital skills, learn about the future of the humanities and cultural heritage sectors, and contribute to the transition of our 2000 year old tradition into the digital age.

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