About and studentships

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The Centre is a multi-disciplinary centre set up to facilitate a more collaborative approach to social science research within the University and the broader Canterbury region. It includes social scientists from the University of Canterbury schools/departments of history, geography, gender studies, mass communication and journalism, political science, social work, and sociology and anthropology. Social scientists from Lincoln University and the Christchurch School of Medicine as well as those from the private sector and the Ministry of Social Development also collaborate.

The Centre is governed by an Advisory Board composed of representatives of the University of Canterbury together with representatives from the Christchurch City Council, the Christchurch School of Medicine, Lincoln University, the Ministry of Social Development, Statistics New Zealand and Taylor Baines and Associates.

A key aim of the centre is to develop joint research programmes with private sector providers. It also aims to improve the quality of graduate training in the social sciences by providing social science students with opportunities to gain research experience outside thesis/dissertation work. This is largely through the facilitation of the Summer Research Studentship programme.

Studentships and Scholarships

SSRC summer studentships are now integrated into University of Canterbury Summer Scholarships. Information about these scholarships is available on this website from 26 August 2013: http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/postgrad/summerschol.shtml