Why study Classics?


With access to a prized collection of antiquities and a lively student community, Classics students enjoy a dynamic learning environment and unique study and research opportunities.

The James Logie Memorial Collection

The James Logie Memorial Collection contains some of the finest classical antiquities in New Zealand and is one of UC's great treasures. Students can access this collection of artefacts from Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures for their studies.

Find out more about using and visiting the Collection in its new home in the Arts Centre.

Join our Friends groups

You can now support the Collection and encourage its development by joining our Friends group.

The Friends of the James Logie Memorial Collection was formed in 2003, and is known as PhiloLogie for short.

PhiloLogie is a charitable trust. Its objectives are:

  • to promote public support for the Logie Collection
  • to bring together those with an interest in the Collection
  • to encourage research and use of the Collection
  • to encourage development of the collection through donations and purchases
  • to hold periodic meetings and produce publications

Join us or find out more about PhiloLogie


CLASSOC organises social and academic events throughout the year for Classics students and those interested in the Classical world. 

The club offers:

  • Introductory Latin and Greek support
  • Lectures and Skype chats with Classic lovers from all walks of life
  • Meet-and-greet drinks with the Classics Department staff, postgraduate students and other undergrads
  • The Annual CLASSOC Quiz Night
  • Symposium/Toga Night
  • Movie nights
  • Guest lectures

Contact the club for more information.

The Classical Association of Christchurch

The association is run by the Department of Classics for all those who have an interest in the ancient Mediterranean world. Regular features include public lectures by academics from all parts of the word in all areas of the field.

For more infomation please contact:

Melanie Coulter

Department Administrator
Room 605, Logie Building
Internal Phone: 8580