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The School of Fine Arts provides a range of public spaces for the University of Canterbury to stage a diverse range of arts and cultural programmes through exhibitions, performances and events for the promotion, education and enjoyment of the arts by the university and the wider Canterbury communities.

Ilam Campus Gallery

The Ilam Campus Gallery is open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday and can be found in Block Two, School of Fine Arts.

The Casting Room + Ir2 Gallery

The Casting Room, our student exhibition space, is located in Block Three, School of Fine Arts.

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Current and Upcoming exhibitions

Look at the crowd in swimming
Paul Johns

ILAM CAMPUS GALLERY, BLOCK 2, SoFA, 2 May - 31 May 2018

Paul Johns  - Swimming - main image

Image: Paul Johns, 10.04.2018, photograph

The frequent disconnect between curatorial intention and viewer response is too often the classic “elephant in the room” when contemporary art exhibitions are staged. Given the unspoken rules of the art world this gap between intention and response is seldom owned up to. Bewilderment is audibly masked by strategies of knowingness, peppered by buzz-words such as “immersive”, but the silent question prowls unanswered: “What is this all about?”
In Johns’ case there are some useful keys. First, the scope of his work over forty years – not just a succession of styles but an engagement with social mores. Second, his perhaps central medium of photography, that diaristic, serial and more tangible connection with life as it’s lived. Third, photography’s intimate relation with memory – that curiously unstable hindsight attempting to confer shape on shifting identities. Earlier in Johns’ career his shaping seemed almost exclusively personal, but by now the accumulation of this plumbing the depths of his experience is more historical in scope, more generally applicable, a wider commentary on his life and our times.
Peter Ireland.

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