School of Language, Social and Political Sciences contacts

Head of School

Beth Hume

Room 210, Locke Building
Internal Phone: 8728

Associate Head of School

Yvonne Crichton-Hill

Associate Head of School
Room 309, Psychology Tower Building
Internal Phone: 3160

Maria Hellstrom

School Co-ordinator / Administrator (Linguistics, English Language, Journalism, Media and Communications)
Room 209, Locke Building

Pat Ydgren

Administrator (Anthropology, Sociology)
Room 310, Geography - Psychology
Internal Phone: 94365

Anandi Eichenberger

Administrator (Chinese, European and European Union Studies, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)
Room 403, Logie Building
Internal Phone: 94435

Lea Kortman

Administrator (Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy)
Room 501, Locke Building
Internal Phone: 6979

Denise Forbes

Administrator (Human Services and Social Work)
Room 310, Geography - Psychology
Internal Phone: 6976