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Think before you barbeque this summer

21 December 2012

Nightly bbqs are in hot demand in summer. But, before people get down to some serious barbequing, a UC food safety expert is urging people to think about avoiding risky food.

Awards enable students to aid community

19 December 2012

Empowering students to better their community is a core value of UC's ChCh101 course, something international technology provider, Tribal Group, also puts great value in.

UC's Roy Kerr awarded Einstein Medal

19 December 2012

University of Canterbury Emeritus Professor Roy Kerr has become the first New Zealander to be awarded the Einstein Medal by the Albert Einstein Society in Switzerland.

Creating the right mood for Christmas shopping

18 December 2012

New Zealand retailers set a mood and atmosphere in their shops each year to make it attractive and alluring to Christmas shoppers, a University of Canterbury expert says.

Food safety under the microscope

17 December 2012

All you've ever wanted to know about food safety can be found in the latest book by toxicologist and food safety expert Professor Ian Shaw.

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12 December 2012

Two UC education experts have received a $130,000 grant to look at how school principals can effectively lead e-learning to improve student success.

Parents feeling pressure to buy the best presents

12 December 2012

This time of year parents are feeling the pressure to make Christmas perfect for their children - and marketers know how to make parents feel guilty about not doing it right.

UC Research Medal for law professor

11 December 2012

University of Canterbury law professor, Philip Joseph, will receive the 2012 Research Medal at UC's afternoon graduation ceremony tomorrow (12 December).

Student overcomes the odds to earn honours degree

11 December 2012

A University of Canterbury student who never went to school until she was 16 has defied the odds to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree with first class honours.

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10 December 2012

A University of Canterbury study is looking at how best to improve the literacy and education achievements of New Zealand children who struggle with speech disorders.

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