Engineering at UC

What is Engineering?

Engineers are designing the future. If you are interested in developing technology to improve the quality of our lives and provide solutions to meet the needs of our modern world, then Engineering is for you.

Studying Engineering will lead you into a challenging, flexible, and rewarding future with international opportunities. Engineers are responsible for the design and operation of the infrastructure which underpins our society including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Water and electricity supply
  • Large structures such as buildings and airports
  • Processing plants for food and forest products
  • Consumer items like iPads and cars
  • Manufacturing systems

Is Engineering for me?

If you enjoy mathematics and science, figuring out how things work, and working with other people to solve complex problems then you should consider becoming a professional engineer. UC offers a full range of engineering disciplines with courses ranging from nanotechnology to managing the forest landscape. 

With a balance of first-class theoretical education and challenging practical work in industry, a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree will prepare you for a rewarding and diverse career.

Keep your options open

We give you the flexibility to study courses in your Engineering Intermediate Year which allow you to keep a variety of options open about your discipline in your Professional (second, third and fourth) Years. The nine disciplines you can choose from are:

Why choose UC?

International reputation

QS World university rankings rate UC in the top 3 per cent of universities worldwide for engineering and technology. Our Civil and Natural Resources Engineering Department is ranked in the top 1 per cent in the world at 49th. Chemical and Electrical and Electronic Engineering are both ranked in the top 200.

UC is also the first university in New Zealand to receive a five-star rating from QS Stars. A typical five-star university is generally world class in a broad range of areas, enjoys a high reputation and has cutting-edge facilities and a renowned research and teaching faculty. UC has received a five-star rating for Engineering and Technology, Research, Teaching, Infrastructure and Internationalisation.

All of our degrees are accredited by IPENZ, the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand and therefore recognised as meeting the academic requirements for professional engineers. IPENZ is a signatory to the Washington Accord, making an Engineering degree from UC an internationally recognised qualification.

UC is the only university in New Zealand to offer Natural Resources Engineering, Forest Engineering and Forestry Science. Our Diploma in Global and Humanitarian Engineering is also unique within Australasia. 

Support for students

Every first-year Engineering student has a Personal Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors help students with the transition to tertiary study, advising on lecture attendance and note-taking techniques, good study habits, exam preparation and other academic skills.

They will also review individual performance with each student after the first semester, help them set goals and review their progress and plans towards the end of the first year.

Engineering students have access to specially designed computer laboratories and software. There are dedicated Engineering teaching and research laboratories in every discipline, with first-rate equipment, testing facilities and expert technicians available to provide you with the skills and support required for hands-on learning. There is also a specialist EPS (Engineering and Physical Sciences) library.

Student-run clubs like ENSOC (Engineering Students' Society), WIE (Women in Engineering), EWBNZ (Engineers Without Borders NZ), and IEEE Student Branch support learning and provide links to industry.

Add a Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering

UC offers the only only Humanitarian Engineering qualification in Australasia.

If you'd like to

  • add a humanitarian focus to your degree
  • gain an employment advantage
  • help solve the worlds biggest problems

then you can add a Diploma in Humanitarian Engineering to your Bachelor of Engineering and get an extra qualification without adding any extra time to your degree. 


The University of Canterbury campus is located in a suburb of Christchurch and acts as its own small community. You will find numerous cafes, restaurants, a bookshop and an events centre. Cultural diversity is excellent and the College of Engineering has strong links with China and Malaysia as well as students from around the world.

Innovation Champions

Innovation Champions foster and encourage ideas and inventions from College of Engineering to enable them to reach their commercial potential and make a positive contribution to New Zealand and the world. The college has 13 Innovation Champions:

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