Postgraduate study and research

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Postgrad life in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UC is challenging and rewarding. The academic staff are experts in their field of research and will be able to guide you through your postgraduate studies.

Close-knit research community

The postgraduate community is supportive, close-knit, and a vital part of the School. Our weekly postgrad talks are an opportunity to practice our presentation skills and learn about new subjects. We have a culture of excellence in presentations, winning numerous awards for talks and posters at various conferences.

Conference opportunities

Every year, postgrad students can attend the New Zealand Mathematics and Statistics Postgrad Conference with other postgrad students from all over New Zealand - an annual highlight. Our students are generally well funded and encouraged to travel to conferences in their field of research, making UC a fantastic place to start your academic career with a postgrad degree.

Getting started

Masters and PhD research projects

There are a number of active research groups working on problems in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.