International Enrolment in Person

All international students must complete their enrolment in person the week prior to the start of the semester. This is to meet the compliance requirements from Immigration NZ.

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Semester 2

4-6 July, 9 & 13 July

Tuesday 10 July is the International Student Welcome. You are encouraged to attend this event.

Please make sure you plan your arrival into New Zealand in time to complete your enrolment in person by attending an enrolment session before your lectures start. 

Register here  to complete your enrolment
(Choose a time and day that suits you)

LOCATIONMatariki Gallery on level 1 of Matariki. Bring with you, at your chosen time, your passport and printed copy of your visa (and insurance if you have already purchased it).

Study Abroad / Exchange International Students: 
Enrol in person on all day on Wednesday 11 July and Thursday 12 July. You will receive your appointments at your Welcome on Tuesday 10 July 2018.

All international students must complete their enrolment in person with the following documentation:

  • Valid passport
  • Current visa - If you have a current student visa which needs to be renewed for your 2018 study, you will need to complete the UC Student Visa Application form. Please also refer to the checklist below for any additional documentation that will be required eg proof of funds for living expenses
    Please note that if you hold a Visitor or Work Visa you must apply for your Student Visa directly with Immigration NZ and have your Student Visa issued before you can complete your enrolment at UC. If you do not have any current visa you should make contact with Immigration NZ or email See Visas for more information.
  • Evidence of insurance - UC has an insurance policy available on campus. See Insurance for Studying in New Zealand for more information

Once you have registered to attend an enrolment session, at the designated time and day, make your way to the Matariki Gallery on level 1 of the Matariki Building. At this location, a staff member will take a copy of your passport and visa (if you have an e-visa please ensure that you have printed a copy with you) and check your insurance details (if you have pre-purchased an approved insurance policy).

You will then attend a 45min information session. During this time, your documentation will be processed and your Enrolment Offer will be ready waiting for collection for acceptance and payment of fees (if not pre-paid). 

To make the most out of completing your enrolment, we recommend:

  • You book an enrolment session as early as possible to ensure you have a time that suits you.
  • Make sure you have an application to enrol submitted and your courses have been approved
  • Arrive 10 minutes early for your enrolment session
  • Ensure you have access from your bank to pay all of your fees (please note some banks have a daily limit on how much you are able to withdraw – contact your bank to make arrangements)

For more information please contact us.