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2017 Broadhead Lecture: Beware of Centaurs (and others) Bearing Rocks

  • Centaurs
  • Date: Tuesday 4 April 2017, 07:00PM to 4 April 2017, 09:00PM
  • Location: The Great Hall, The Arts Centre of Christchurch, 2 Worcester Blvd, Christchurch Central
  • Presented By: Professor Andrew Stewart, Departments of History of Art and Classics, UC Berkeley.
  • Ticket: Free

2017 Broadhead Lecture Presented by Professor Andrew Stewart - Nicholas C. Petris Professor of Greek Studies, Professor of Ancient Mediterranean, Art and Archaeology, Curator of Mediterranean Archaeology at the Hearst Museum of Anthropology, Departments of History of Art and Classics, UC Berkeley.

Four Masterpieces from the Logie Collection and the Hephaisteion in the Athenian Agora

His talk will include discussion of four key pieces on display from the The James Logie Memorial Collection: (a) Panel amphora, JLMC 42.57: (A) Return of Hephaistos; (B) Herakles and Geryon (b) Panel amphora, JLMC 43.57: (A) Herakles, Deianeira, Nessos; (B) Wedding procession (c) Panel amphora, JLMC 41.57: (A) Centauromachy (Kaineus); (B) Stilts performers (d) Lip cup, JLMC 52.57: (A) 2 centaurs; (B) 2 men in pursuit

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