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UC offers a range of advice and support tailored to you. Whether you are a high school student, international student or parent we have help on hand.

Liaison - Meet the Team

Liaison Office

The Liaison Office is often the first contact for students considering starting their first degree at UC. We can help you make an informed decision about your study options.

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Year 11 and 12 High School students

If you're in Year 11 or 12 at high school and are thinking about UC, you can find all the support and information you need here.

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Year 13 High School students

Finishing high school and starting university is an exciting time of your life. Get some insight into the options available to you at UC.

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International students

UC welcomes some of the brightest minds from across the globe to study every year. Studying in a foreign country can be exciting, but challenging, so UC has a range of support services. 

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Postgraduate students

As a postgraduate student you will work with leading experts in your field and have unique needs throughout your academic career. UC offers support with these needs in mind.

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Support for adult students

Whether you want to progress your career or explore an area of interest, coming to university as an adult student can be a very different experience from arriving directly from school.

Awhina whakarua

Māori students

The University of Canterbury have a supportive and friendly staff who can support you and your whānau towards taking the first step towards your university qualification.

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Pacific students

Fakaalofa lahi atu, Talofa lava, Taloha ni, Kia Orana, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula, Halo Olaketa, Ia orana, Kam na mauri and Kia Ora. Find out more about the support services for pacific students.

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Students with disabilities

UC can assist you with information and advice on how particular disabilities may impact your UC experience, and help with disability-related support.

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Parents and whānau

Guiding young people through their education and career decisions is no easy task. Find out more about how to navigate tertiary study with your student here. 

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Career Advisors

Find all the UC resources you need to help your students decide what to study and how to gain admission to UC, including links to publications, and information on subject choices, entry requirements and applying.


Academic Skills Centre

Want to succeed at university? ASC can help you, whatever your level of study. Come and see us for assistance with academic writing and study strategies.