Certificate of Proficiency


If you want to study for one semester or one year at the University of Canterbury and do not want to complete a full qualification, you may apply for a Certificate of Proficiency. A Certificate of Proficiency consists of an approved course or courses.

The Certificate of Proficiency gives you the opportunity to select a course or courses to develop your own individual programmes of study to meet your learning needs.

If you successfully complete a Certificate of Proficiency, your results are recorded on your academic transcript and can be recognised through a printed certificate.

If you decide to stay at UC to complete a formal qualification, the courses taken may be credited towards your qualification but this will not happen automatically. Your academic record will have to be assessed by the relevant College to ensure you have fulfilled the prerequisite conditions.

Incoming study abroad and exchange

If you want to complete one or two semesters of undergraduate study at Canterbury, and credit these studies to your overseas university degree, UC offers Study Abroad and Incoming Exchange programmes. 

Entry requirements

The standard admission requirements apply depending on the level you want to study at. You also need to make sure that you meet any course specific requirements. Search for the specific course or subject you want to study on Qualifications and courses.

How to apply

Depending on the level the course or courses you want to study see apply for undergraduate qualifications or apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

More information

For the full degree requirements see the Enrolment and Fees Policies and Regulations.

For study planning help contact the Liaison Office.

For general information email info@canterbury.ac.nz or freephone in NZ 0800 VARSITY (827 748).

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Kestral Johnston

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Christy Finney

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