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UC offers individual lessons and group classes in a range of musical instruments and voice, with courses designed to give you the full experience being a part of large and small ensembles and the UC Chamber Choir.

How to apply

Entry into the Performance major is limited and based on a School of Music audition. Applications for 2017 Performance courses should be made to the School of Music as soon as possible (no later than 21 October 2016).

UC also offers non-major Performance courses for any students to develop basic skills in musical performance or develop skills in a second instrument or voice.

See the Bachelor of Music for more information.


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Your first year will teach you the essential basic skills such as sight-reading music and understanding rhythm and tempo, as well as working with an accompaniment and in small or large groups. You will also develop in-depth technical and performance knowledge for your specific instrument or voice.

Advanced Performance major courses will develop further musical literacy and performance techniques, including orchestral arrangement and conducting, and teaching music as a business.

Career opportunities

The Performance major equips students with years of experience in ensemble groups and extensive training in their specific instrument or voice. Students move on to a variety of career paths including: musical education and teaching at schools and universities; positions in orchestras, opera houses, choirs and other ensemble groups; as well as positions of musical leadership in communities and orchestral groups. People with strong musical talents are highly sought after by event organisers and arts businesses.

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