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Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Derick Lotz (studying towards a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce) took part in the 2016 entré $85K Challenge and the UC Centre of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp to help him progress his business idea, Astrova Technologies, which aims to maximise Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies in smartphones for business.


Strategy and Entrepreneurship is the highest level of managerial activity, usually performed by a company's chief executive officer and executive team. Strategy is the capstone function of business management. It deals with making decisions to create advantage and above-normal profits and provides overall direction to an enterprise. Entrepreneurship pertains to how to recognise, assess and exploit attractive opportunities using innovation, leveraging risk, and engaging in competitively aggressive action. Entrepreneurship refers to all aspects of setting up, running and growing new business ventures. Together, these disciplines help managers develop and grow businesses of any size (including new ventures).

A major in Strategy and Entrepreneurship is a useful companion to a technical degree as it adds a managerial way of thinking to technical competence.

Why study Strategy and Entrepreneurship at UC?

Entrepreneurship is one of the fastest growing majors internationally in universities with over 2,000 programmes globally. UC has an internationally recognised group of scholars in Strategy and Entrepreneurship who are active researchers and award-winning teachers. In addition, the Strategy and Entrepreneurship academics have an impact on government and industry, for example studying how Christchurch's rebuild was most effectively accomplished by one coordinating super-organisation and whether business accelerators create jobs in New Zealand or build community entrepreneurial capabilities.

Students at UC will be exposed to business at all levels from individually owned and run small businesses, to family business, to social enterprise to high-tech focused startups and large corporations using innovation to gain advantage.

A wide portfolio of classes in Strategy and Entrepreneurship allow students to develop their ability to recognise opportunities as well as core business skills of planning, project management and teamwork. Students gain real-world experience and make connections with businesses and the commmunity through the case competitions.

UC is also home to the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship which runs the Incubator Programme and Summer Startup Programme – where budding entrepreneurs can join a community of like-minded students and staff, access useful resources, learn how to set up a new business venture, gain experience or take on an internship.

Minor in Entrepreneurship

UC also offers a minor in Entrepreneurship, which allows students to complement their major subject with study in a different discipline. This can increase breadth of knowledge at an undergraduate level and potentially, employability. See the Regulations for the Bachelor of Commerce for details of minor subject requirements.

There are no formal requirements for those wishing to study Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Good communication skills, both written and interpersonal, are important. Those who have studied English-rich subjects eg, English, history, geography to an advanced level at school will benefit from the skills they have learned.

Sound analytical and numeracy skills are also important. An interest in business, and why firms succeed or fail, is advantageous.


100-level courses

The first-year, 100-level courses required to be complete a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Strategy and Entrepreneurship are:

For the complete, three-year BCom Strategy and Entrepreneurship major degree plan go to the School of Business and Economics website

200-level and beyond

There is a wide range of classes to take in entrepreneurship covering topics including: innovation management, international entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and new ventures, and social entrepreneurship. Strategy classes look at strategic management and strategy processes and practices.

Career opportunities

Whether you want to specialise in strategy, take over a family business, create a social enterprise to solve an unmet human need, work in government policy, become a venture investor, manage a large corporation or even start your own business one day – UC Commerce programmes reflect the latest research and business applications to give you a flying start in whatever career you choose.

UC’s real-world focus on internships, competitions, entrepreneurship, and community involvement gives you a taste of the excitement and opportunity of working at the top end of business innovation and leadership.

Graduates start their careers in a wide range of trainee management, operations, marketing or market research roles and advance into positions as business consultants, strategic business analysts, and senior managers in the commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

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