Summer SU1 programme

Headstart runs over the summer from mid-January to mid-February.

If you qualify for University Entrance, but plan on studying a subject you are not confident in, or if you have been away from study for a while, then the Headstart pre-university catch up programme may be for you.

Mathematics and statistics are both important subjects if you intend to major in engineering, commerce, or any of the sciences including health sciences, psychology or forestry.

Physics and/or chemistry are key subjects if you intend to major in the physical sciences, biochemistry or engineering.

The Headstart Academic Communication and Study Skills course develops skills and confidence in reading and writing. It focuses on research and essay writing which are especially useful if you are aiming at the Arts, Humanities or Law.

Headstart courses are designed to prepare students for 100-level study at UC. While the courses are very likely to be helpful for health sciences or veterinary science at other universities, it is not guaranteed that they will be entirely suitable preparation.

Heardstart courses do not contribute credit points towards a degree.

Headstart FAQs

2018 Headstart Brochure (PDF 395KB)

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for Headstart courses. However, if you have no background in your chosen subject, you may find Headstart challenging. You may need to do some preliminary study before attending. Contact Transition Programmes for further information.

Qualification structure and duration

Headstart courses are 4-weeks long and cover pre-university material generally equivalent to NCEA level 2 or level 2/3.

All courses are very intensive and you can only enrol in one course. You are also expected to do extra work in your own time.

Headstart: Academic Communication and Study Skills

This course is designed to equip you with transferable academic communication and study skills for successful university study, such as

  • Effective academic reading and writing
  • Information gathering, academic conventions and assignment preparation
  • Confidence and independent study habits

Headstart: Subject-related Courses

  • BRDG016 Mathematics Part One (Level 2)
  • BRDG023 Chemistry (Level 2/3)
  • BRDG024 Physics (Level 2/3)
  • BRDG032 Special Topic [Statistics Level 2]

If you have NCEA level 1 and/or some credits at level 2 in the relevant subject, Headstart is right for you.

If you have good, recent results at level 2, contact Transition Programmes to discuss whether or not you need Headstart.

If you have a strong recent background in a subject at NCEA level 3 or equivalent, you will not need Headstart.

Course Fee

A partial course fee award is available for students enrolled at UC in 2017 or 2018, or have applied to enrol for 2018. Those eligible will receive an award of $380.00 that will be deducted from the full course fee.

Full course fee:

  • $746.00 (Domestic)
  • $2,595.00 (International)

Course fee with award:

  • $366.00 (Domestic)
  • $2,215.00 (International)

Headstart Summer 2018

How to enrol

You can enrol by calling the Contact Centre on +64 3 3693999 or Freephone: 0800 VARSITY (0800 827 748 – within New Zealand only)

Start date: 15 January; End date: 18 February

(Classes from 17 January to 13 February)

Qualification: COP PREP

Headstart Courses – choose one:

  • BRDG006-18SU1 Academic Communication and Study Skills (CUP)
  • BRDG016-18SU1 Mathematics Part One
  • BRDG023-18SU1 Chemistry (CUP)
  • BRDG024-18SU1 Physics
  • BRDG032-18SU1 Special Topic [Statistics]

For more information contact the Student Transitions and Engagement team:

Student Transitions and Engagement
University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand
Phone +64 3 369 3337
Email transitions@canterbury.ac.nz

For assistance with planning your Headstart course of study contact the Programme Coordinator:

Phyllis Mowe
Email phyllis.mowe@canterbury.ac.nz