Fern Macvey

'I want to contribute in some way to the industries that I support...'

  • Fern Macvey

Bachelor of Arts in English and Cinema Studies

There was no hesitation for Fern when choosing the subjects she would study at UC.

'I especially love English and Cinema Studies because I enjoy dissecting a popular text, and examining the relationship between what is on the page or screen and the context in which it was created,' she says.

Having a strong passion for the subjects she studies is her biggest priority when it comes to gaining a qualification.

'I always knew that I would go to university, and when it came to choosing subjects I simply picked what it was that I liked best. For me, studying isn't about the job prospects, but about the passion you feel for a subject.

'I would love to be able to work with either films or books. Whether that's writing about them, producing them, or selling them, I know that I want to contribute in some way to the industries that I support.'

Fern believes her Arts degree will prepare her well for any direction her career could take because of how widely applicable the skills developed from study are.

'An Arts degree teaches you to think critically about all aspects of our culture, and I love the opportunity it gives you to express and form your own opinion. In Arts there are no wrong answers, everyone's interpretation is valid and can be argued for or against.'

At UC Fern has received a number of scholarships for her studies, including the Bickerton-Widdowson Trust Memorial Scholarship through her high school, a UC Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship and the John Connal Scholarship for 200-level English grades.

Fern is also an Arts Scholar through the Arts Scholars Scholarship, a role that will also see her mentoring high school students in her chosen subjects.

She praises her lecturers for giving her the support she needed to have this success.

'I like the social side of university, but I also really value the lecturers. They are all so approachable and intelligent, you couldn't ask to learn from anyone better,' she says.

With such a love for the creative arts, it's no surprise that Fern spends her free time crafting and enjoying media.

'I will always be an avid reader and watcher of films, but I am also a binge-watcher of television shows, and love to craft. I make candles in teacups, paint silhouettes on book pages, and am currently in the middle of making decorations for my upcoming wedding!'

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