Jamiee Thompson

‘I love the variety of classes available within the BCJ...'

  • Jamiee Thompson

Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal Justice

For her final year of high school, Jamiee attended school in Chile as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange programme.

‘I spent my entire Year 13 year attending a Chilean school, living with Chilean families and integrating myself into the culture as much as possible. It was without a doubt the best experience of my life so far.’

The experience was part of her decision to study a Criminal Justice degree at UC, with an emphasis on helping others.

‘I was initially interested in studying a BCJ as I have always had an interest in crime and criminals. I would love to work with people who have had difficult experiences and help them in their lives to become better people and create a safer society to live in.’

The range of subjects her degree covers is one of the highlights of her study.

‘I love the variety of classes available within the BCJ. This semester I have taken Psychology, Philosophy, Human Services and Māori which are all so relevant to my degree but offer many perspectives on people and dealing with them. Māori class has really opened my eyes and taught me so much about NZ history that I wasn’t aware of.’

Jamiee advises those thinking of doing her degree to have a passion for Criminal Justice and be keen to take it far.

‘Research what papers you will have to take and if they will interest you. Consider the career prospects that a Bachelor of Criminal Justice has to offer and assess if they are something you could see yourself doing in your life. If it all looks and sounds good then go for it!’

As for her own goals, Jamiee has a clear plan in mind for her degree.

‘My career goals are ultimately to enter the NZ Police Force or work for the Ministry of Justice.’

Jamiee choose to stay at the Waimairi Village Hall of Residence when arriving at UC because of its independent living option while still on campus.

‘After being on exchange for one year and working for six months I wanted to keep my independence but still be in a social environment where I could easily make friends and have the support offered from a hall,’ she says.

Originally from Invercargill, Jamiee has certainly found her time enjoyable at UC so far.

‘I love the campus all being together in one site, with places to hang out and get food and drinks. The UCSA is awesome, they really look after the students and organise heaps of fun events. The tutors offer lots support and there are always plenty of quiet spaces to study and get assignments done.

‘I love travelling and exploring new cities is something I really enjoy. Living in an uncatered hall has meant I have had to cook every day and I have discovered a love for it!’

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