Jennine Bailey

"I never imagined that as an undergraduate in a practical, performance-based course I would be able to study a completely research-based master’s."

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Bachelor of ArtsGraduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)Bachelor of Music with HonoursMaster of Music, Vocal Tutor, CPIT Jazz School, Christchurch

Jennine Bailey will be a very familiar face to many Cantabrians. She is a well-loved singer and a tutor in jazz and popular styles of music, and she is also a master’s student at UC’s School of Music.

Apart from the parts of her day spent being the mother to two gorgeous daughters, the rest of Jennine’s life revolves around music. She teaches students at degree level at the CPIT Jazz School, is a sought-after recording artist, and headlines regularly at major New Zealand festivals. She also finds the time to complete research for her master’s.

Her primary motivation for enrolling first in honours at Canterbury and then continuing on to do her master’s was that, as a teacher at tertiary level she felt the ‘need to be at least two steps ahead of my students!’

As a Christchurch resident, UC was the logical choice for Jennine. She says that one of the aspects of her master’s research into the shape of the Christchurch jazz community that she is most enjoying is ‘the practical aspect. It feels like something useful to study.’

She is also very enthusiastic about the ‘fantastic supervision’ she is receiving from her supervisor.

As well as being awarded the Malcolm Tait Music Education Scholarship, Jennine has also had research she undertook as part of her honours study presented at the Australia New Zealand Association for Research in Music Education Conference (ANZARME) in Norfolk Island by Professor Roger Buckton. Jennine’s research was a case study on the impact of the Christchurch 22nd February 2011 earthquake on the full-time Hagley Community College Itinerant Scheme music staff.

As someone with a strong background in performance, Jennine has enjoyed how encouraging, supportive and flexible she has found UC in opening up academic pathways for her.

‘I never imagined that as an undergraduate in a practical, performance-based course I would be able to study a completely research-based master’s,’ she says. ‘My honours course was such a fantastic and solid foundation for the research I am undertaking now, and I am so grateful that UC has enabled me to explore this very exciting and different academic pathway at master’s level.’

She adds: ‘As well as enjoying the practical nature of my research, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to understand my field from the roots up, so to speak. Even though I thought I truly knew my field, this study at master's level is giving me a much greater appreciation of the history behind the jazz culture I take for granted. It's fascinating – almost like an archeological discovery!’

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