Emily Mason

'It's a fantastic way to meet a range of people who can become amazing friends...'

  • Emily Mason

Studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

With dreams of becoming a teacher, Emily had no hesitation to enrol for a primary teaching degree at UC.

‘Deciding to study at UC was one of the best decisions I’ve made,’ she says. ‘I can’t wait to be a teacher in my own class, to have the opportunity to mould and inspire young minds and help the students discover new passions, talents and to teach them to be comfortable being themselves.’

Emily has enjoyed the chance to have an early taste for what her degree will give her.

‘I love the placements in schools. It reignites the passion I have for teaching, and it balances out the theory side of the degree, which can become very intense and overwhelming.’

Classes at the College of Education have also been a particular highlight.

‘I like that the College of Ed is separate from main campus as it provides a place for teachers to have their own space. I like that there are lots of cafés and places to just hang out with friends as well as lots of areas to study.’

Having a dedicated learning space and education programme was a large part of her decision to go to UC.

‘I choose to study at UC because of the structure of the degree, and they have a good reputation,’ she says. ‘It was also a change of scenery from Invercargill and a good opportunity to meet lots of new people.’

Her plan to make the most of UC’s social side was also behind the decision to stay at Ilam Apartments.

‘I applied for Ilam Apartments because of its close proximity to the College of Education, but it was still far enough away to feel like I wasn’t completely living on campus. It’s independent living in a hall-like setting. I loved how close Ilam Apartments is to a variety of places to hang out.’

She liked the experience enough that she decided to apply again for a second year.

‘I decided to be an Ilam returner because it was much more convenient than trying to find a flat close enough to campus that was still relatively inexpensive. Also because electricity is included in rent prices so you can stay warm over winter!

‘I would definitely recommend living in a hall of residence; it’s a fantastic way to meet a range of people who can become amazing friends. Get involved in all aspects of living in a hall; take advantage of what is offered while you can.’

Studying teaching is also an opportunity Emily highly endorses.

‘Definitely go for it, teaching is hard work but it is so incredibly rewarding,’ she says.

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