Jared Fretwell

'The degree is well set out and there are strong support systems in place...'

  • Jared fretwell

Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary)

Primary Teacher, ICT Lead Teacher and Assistant Principal, West Spreydon School, Christchurch

The challenges of teaching, and the resulting satisfaction it brings, are the things Jared enjoys most about his chosen profession.

‘It is a hugely rewarding career,’ he says. ‘I love children, and I love the classroom environment. I really want to be a part of it and to contribute to our society in that way.’

Although Jared’s other male family members work in ‘traditional’ men’s jobs, he was not afraid to pursue his own direction.

‘I decided to become a teacher because I knew I was really suited to it, and I wanted to work with children. Both of my older brothers, my dad, my grandad and all of my uncles work in the trades, and this made it a more difficult direction to go in. Obviously the money is one element, but also the stigma that exists around males in the profession. However, as soon as I began studying I knew I had made the correct decision. If you have a passion for something, money doesn't really factor.’

Jared moved from the Bay of Plenty to Christchurch to study, partly ‘to pursue my now wife’ and also because of the strong reputation of UC’s teaching degree. ‘I really liked the vibe of Christchurch city too,’ he adds, and as a keen board sportsman and coffee lover, he has no shortage of things to do in the area in his spare time.

‘UC is a great environment to study and learn in. The lecturers are always willing to answer any questions and they want you to succeed. The degree itself is well set out and there are strong support systems in place. Although it is a difficult three years, I am proud of myself for completing it and achieving in the way I have.’

Following an enjoyable time in his final Professional Practice placement at West Spreydon School, Jared applied to work at its junior school and landed the role. ‘It is a great little school and I feel so blessed to be asked to be a part of it!’ he says.

Jared’s next step was to gain his full teacher registration working as a primary teacher, later becoming team leader of the year 3-4 term teachers. Jared is now also the ICT Lead Teacher and recently became Assistant Principal of the school.

‘I love working within low-decile schools, because I believe that is where I will be able to make the biggest difference,’ he says. ‘I am surrounded with amazing staff that all aim for high quality teaching and learning.’

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