Chrystie Woods

'I look back and feel proud of my achievements but I’m still motivated to learn more...'

  • Chrystie woods

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (Secondary)

Science Teacher, Villa Maria College, Christchurch

Teaching is an exciting career which calls for responsibility and the use of many skills in a variety of situations. For UC graduate Chrystie Woods the challenge of teaching was irresistible; the perfect occupation to make a difference in the lives of young people.

‘The best part about teaching is the wide variety of components that make up the job. No two days are the same and there are always challenges and learning opportunities.’

Chrystie chose UC as it allowed her to combine a love for science with a clear pathway towards a career in teaching. ‘I like to know where I am heading,’ she says. ‘I like to be challenged and I felt these programmes challenged me. I like the structure of lectures and laboratories, backing up the theory with the practical, and the lecturers were very approachable when assistance was needed. I now look back and feel proud of my achievements but I’m still motivated to learn more.’

The social side of university life was also important to Chrystie, as it provided a balance to the academic demands. Having fun was an important part of the university experience. ‘There was always a quiz night at the Foundry, toga parties and just generally easy-going people who also like to have fun. I found I had a real balance in my life of study and social fun.’

Now working at Villa Maria College, Chrystie is enthusiastically teaching the subject she loves – science. She is also qualified to teach PE and health, and hopes to take on classes for those subjects soon. Yet job satisfaction isn’t contained within the teaching spaces, states Chrystie. ‘I also really enjoy the cultural performances, productions, musical performances and sporting events. These extracurricular activities allow me to see the students I teach doing what they are passionate about, excelling and having fun, which is such a highlight. It helps me build a rapport with them and also inspires me – there is so much talent out there.’

Chrystie encourages others to embrace and enjoy the experience of studying teaching at UC. ‘It’s challenging, but that makes it rewarding. And it’s interesting, which means you will always want to learn more. You meet a lot of like-minded people and when you have completed it you will feel a huge sense of achievement.’

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