Ashleigh Leonard

'It’s great to live with people who are doing the same as you and making friends for life...'

  • Ashleigh Leonard

Studying towards a Bachelor of Sport Coaching with an endorsement in Leadership

As a coach and player of tennis in her spare time, choosing to do a Sport Coaching degree was an easy decision for Ashleigh with her future goals.

‘It was what I wanted to do, and what I saw myself doing was well matched to this degree. It suits me very well as I’m all about sport!’ she says.

With courses ranging from physiology to psychology of sport, Ashleigh enjoys how well it applies to and improves her own experiences in tennis.

‘Definitely do it,’ she says. ‘It is such a broad subject that pushes you in all areas to do with sport. It has good flexibility so you can branch off into what area you wish to.’

UC met a lot of her expectations from university, with its unique degree and campus lifestyle.

‘I enjoy everything about it. How easy it is to study and get help if required. The campus is simple but provides you with everything needed. Very easy to study, have a social life and still participate in my sport.’

For her first year, Ashleigh chose to live at Waitākiri Village after taking a tour and liking the facilities and smaller accommodation community.

‘It looked really clean and tidy. It was smaller than all the other halls and offered larger rooms,’ she says. I’ve loved meeting a whole bunch of new people - having a very tight-knit hall where everybody gets on and helps out with study, the activities we have at Waitākiri whether they be onsite or out in the community. The facilities are always clean and peaceful so you always feel safe.’

Getting such a keen start to uni life, Ashleigh highly recommends future students apply for UC accommodation.

‘It’s great to live with people who are doing the same as you and making friends for life. Living in a hall of residence is a great way to start your first year at Uni so I’d recommend doing it.’

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