Michelle Dalrymple

'Some of my best memories of my time at UC are from my postgraduate study...'

  • Michelle dalrymple

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Statistics

PhD in Statistics

Head of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty, Cashmere High School

'Some of my best memories of my time at UC are from my postgraduate study, when I had the opportunity to present my research and attend workshops locally, nationally and internationally, and when I made some lifelong friendships,' says Michelle.

During her time at high school, Michelle found she had a strong aptitude for mathematics and statistics so the decision about what to study at university was an easy one for her.

'But as I got further into my degree, I found Statistics became even more interesting, relevant and applicable to the real world.'

Now, as Head of Mathematics and Statistics at Cashmere High School in Christchurch, Michelle not only teaches students, but is also responsible for 14 staff and for implementing the curriculum for her subjects. It is a role she relishes.

'The most exciting thing about my job is getting to know the students well, and seeing them enjoy mathematics and statistics. I love it when they have the "I get it" moment! I also find it hugely satisfying to work alongside staff and watch them enjoy these moments as well,' she says.

'My degrees gave me confidence in my specialist subject area and a strong knowledge of the curriculum, which are both necessary for my job.' Michelle also puts this expertise to good use in her work for the Canterbury Mathematics Association, the regional maths teachers' association, where she runs workshops for teachers and sits on the executive committee.

Looking back at her time at UC, Michelle fondly remembers the ups and downs of student life through which she formed long-term friendships. 'We supported each other through the tough times, celebrated the good times, and had some pretty geeky gossip sessions over coffee and Chelsea buns at the Reboot café!'

Michelle enthusiastically recommends her subject to others who have a flair for numbers because of the wide range of work that the skills learned can be applied to.

'I firmly believe that a good degree in Statistics will take you anywhere you want to go in the world, and into whatever career you choose.'

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