Entry Requirements - complete a degree at UC

To be eligible to enrol at the University of Canterbury you must have gained admission to the University.

Depending on the study you have completed already, you can apply for admission to the University at one of three levels:

  • As a pre-degree student
  • As an undergraduate student
  • As a graduate student

You may need some further academic studies to ensure you have a solid foundation to succeed in your studies at UC. Our Foundation Studies programme includes instruction in both English for Academic Purposes and academic subjects to prepare you for entry to undergraduate programmes.

Qualifications from New Zealand

  • New Zealand High School Qualifications
    You can achieve New Zealand University Entrance by studying at a New Zealand High School and taking the NCEA examination. This gives you admission to a university in New Zealand. Refer to NCEA page for the minimum you need to achieve in NCEA to qualify for University Entrance.

  • New Zealand University Foundation Studies
    You can gain admission to a university in New Zealand by achieving a Certificate of Foundation Studies at a university in New Zealand. The University of Canterbury Bridging Programmes offers a Foundation Studies Programme.

  • Transferring from a New Zealand University or Tertiary Institution
    If you are transferring to the University of Canterbury from another NZ university or tertiary institution please see Transferring international students.

Qualifications from Overseas

If you have an overseas qualification you need to apply for admission.

For many countries, qualifications that meet University entry requirements in that country also meet undergraduate entry requirements in New Zealand. Please see entry requirements for admission.

English language requirements

An English language test score such as IELTS or TOEFL is not necessarily required before you come. If you are already in New Zealand, UC provides English language testing on campus.

If you are going directly into a degree programme you must satisfy our English language requirements before UC can offer you a full offer of place.

If you don’t have an official English language test score, UC can provide a conditional offer of place into a degree programme based on successful completion of the appropriate UC preparatory programme(s).

Students undertaking English language courses who perform very well may be able to advance to the next level of study after completing only half of their courses.

Please see English language requirements (Admissions and Entry website) for further details.

Further information

Further information can be found on Admissions and Entry website.