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14 May 2018

The Plunket Society was formed on 14 May 1907

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    Howitt, G., His Excellency the Governor, Lady Plunket, and Mr. Waterfield, on his Excellency's Argyll car, n.d., The Gordon Howitt West Coast Historic Photograph Collection (MB1072, Ref 8206). Macmillan Brown Library, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dr Frederic Truby King was the founding person for the Society for the Promotion of the Health of Women and Children in Dunedin.
Later on, the society was renamed after Lady Victoria Plunket, mother of eight, wife to Governor of New Zealand.
She was a patron and advocate for society.

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image of the week 16 July 2018

image of the week 16 July 2018

Welcome back from your semester break

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image of the week 9 July 2018

Mid-winter: perfect time for an outdoor bath!