Library Orientation Representation


As a Library Orientation Team member the student Representative will:

  • Attend at least 6 meetings September 2017 – March 2018
  • Participate in team tasks including contributing ideas, organising and setting up events; preparing communications, promoting events, creating health & safety plans.
  • Research and summarise activities offered by other tertiary libraries for consideration.
  • Participate in the evaluation and debrief of events. 

Eligibility/Selection Criteria

Student in second year of study or above.

Preference for a student studying marketing or media communications, or who has an interest in promotions/events.

Preference for a student who currently uses the Library services and resources.

Good communication skills are essential.


Instruction is provided by Library staff regarding relevant process and procedures.

Hours involved in the activity

12 hours.

Every 12 hours of participation in an activity is equal to one intersection point (12 hours = 1 intersection point).
For this activity you can claim a maximum of 1 learning and development outcome.


Jenny Owens

Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against the pre-determined intersection points detailed below. You should reflect on your experience and select the WRS/GA intersection point(s) that best represents your learning outcome.

  • B1 - Communication - Library Orientation Representatives communicate clearly one on one and within a group.  
  • B4 - Learning - Library Orientation Representatives learn about the Library and effectively respond to the needs of library customers.
  • B5 - Planning and organising - Library Orientation Representatives plan and execute ideas in an effective way as a member of a project group.
  • B8 - Teamwork - Library Orientation Representatives establish positive relationships with other personnel to work and deliver on shared outcomes effectively. 
  • C2 - Initiative & enterprise - Library Orientation Representatives create workable ideas to deliver orientation in a fun and interesting way that engages students.  
  • C4 - Learning - Library Orientation Representatives gain understanding of the Library as an organisation and how it operates including how to organise resources and services to cater for a wide range of needs and people.  
  • C6 - Problem solving - Library Orientation Representatives anticipate problems and help resolve them by planning and implementing appropriate solutions and risk mitigation for events. 
  • C7 - Self-Management - Library Orientation Representatives use appropriate time management skills to capably complete tasks within given timeframes and balance this role with other their commitments.
  • C8 - Teamwork - Library Orientation Representatives co-operate with a group of people with differing ideas and working styles.
Matrix intersection points for Library Orientation Representative (highlighted in grey)
Co-curricular Record (CCR)

UC Graduate Attributes (GAs)

Bicultural Competence & Confidence Community Engagement Employability Innovation & Enterprise Global Awareness
Work Readiness Skills (WRS) Communication A1 B1 C1 D1
Initiative and enterprise A2 B2 C2 D2
Leadership A3 B3 C3 D3
Learning A4 B4 C4 D4
Planning and organising A5 B5 C5 D5
Problem solving A6 B6 C6 D6
Self-management A7 B7 C7 D7
Teamwork A8 B8 C8 D8
Technology A9 B9 C9 D9

CCR criteria

  • Not for academic credit

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