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US finance expert giving lecture on govt debt

27 November 2012

Governments are not that special. They have to pay debts like the rest of us, a United States economics expert, who next week will be giving a public lecture at the University

Music and geography $2.2million scholarship boost

27 November 2012

Music and geography at the University of Canterbury (UC) have received a $2.2million scholarship boost with a bequest from Judith Pownall.

Researchers calculate the cost of smoking

27 November 2012

With the price of cigarettes due to rise again on New Year's Day, University of Canterbury researchers are interviewing scores of smokers about the cost of their smoking.

Attitudes to defence work by engineering students

26 November 2012

A University of Canterbury researcher has recommended to the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) that the Navy offer summer employment to engineering students.

Xmas shopping can be stressful and difficult

26 November 2012

As Christmas approaches, more people are turning to online shopping when it comes to buying gifts but not in all purchase areas.

UC research into employment health and safety

26 November 2012

A team of University of Canterbury researchers are investigating the size of sentencing fines in the cases against employers of injured or killed workers.

Danger lurking in wait for the holiday season

23 November 2012

There's a danger lurking in wait for us this holiday season, says University of Canterbury senior economics lecturer Dr Eric Crampton (Economics and Finance).

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23 November 2012

It has long been the bane of cricket fans to be asked in the middle of a game who is winning.

Blazing a trail through fire-fighting history

23 November 2012

An in-depth history of rural fire-fighting in NZ, published by Canterbury University Press, is blazing a trail through a previously unexplored aspect of our nation's past.

Diet could help treat psychological disorders

21 November 2012

A University of Canterbury lecturer believes research into changing diets might help treat mental illness and psychological disorders.