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Construction companies should stick to the basics

06 August 2013

A UC business lecturer is warning contracting companies that they should stick to the basics, even when the industry appears to be entering a boom period.

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05 August 2013

An Italian humanitarian worker and PhD student is coming to UC to study the personality traits and psychological characteristics of international humanitarian workers.

Change needed for NZ's food waste management

05 August 2013

New Zealand needs to find something more economically sustainable to avoid large landfill methane emissions, a University of Canterbury environmental engineer says.

ChCh is using recovery as an opportunity

05 August 2013

ChCh is using its recovery phase as an opportunity to showcase innovation, community engagement and improved quality of life for residents and migrants, a UC lecturer says.

Top athlete and UC student manages dual challenge

02 August 2013

Few University of Canterbury students fit their studies around an international sporting career. Top New Zealand middle distance athlete and BA student Angela Smit is one.

Reading confidence grows after seeing videos

02 August 2013

UC research has found school students who saw and heard themselves reading fast and fluently on video improved their reading skills sooner than than they might otherwise have.

People's positive outlook studied three years on

01 August 2013

A University of Canterbury postgraduate student is researching people's mental health condition and resilience three years after the first Canterbury earthquake.

Expert on gangs to give public lecture at UC

01 August 2013

New Zealand's foremost expert on gangs in New Zealand, University of Canterbury sociology lecturer Dr Jarrod Gilbert, will give a public lecture at UC next week.

Growing Christchurch is a city on the move

31 July 2013

The rising influx of migrants shows Christchurch is a city on the move, University of Canterbury Associate Professor Katie Pickles says.

Obesity similar to other life-long diseases

31 July 2013

Obese people should be treated the same as people with other life-long diseases, a visiting eating disorders academic at the University of Canterbury says.