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Post-quake issues of landlords, tenants studied

17 June 2013

The standard commercial lease used in NZ does not contain provisions governing many of the situations that landlords, tenants have dealt with post-quake says a UC researcher.

More research into swallowing difficulties needed

17 June 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher says more research is needed to help those affected by dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties, after a stroke.

Rebuild an opportunity to conserve drinking water

13 June 2013

Chch residents have the chance to drink almost pure water if the city conserves high quality groundwater for drinking purposes, a UC water expert says.

Businesses app seeks temporary employees

12 June 2013

A University of Canterbury PhD student has created an app for businesses seeking temporary employees.

UC researchers out to demystify smart grids

11 June 2013

UC researchers have produced a white paper on smart grids that reviews the challenges facing the transmission and distribution industries.

Death by robot - who will be to blame says expert

10 June 2013

The autonomous weapon systems - commonly referred to as killer-robots - will, in the near future, come from the air not the ground, a UC robot expert says.

Recovering memory loss in stroke sufferers

10 June 2013

University of Canterbury computer science and software engineering experts are looking to help recover loss of memory for people who have suffered strokes.

Research to identify those at risk of diabetes

07 June 2013

University of Canterbury scientists are developing breakthrough diagnostic approaches to identify people most at risk of becoming diabetic.

Funding to help scientists communicate better

07 June 2013

A University of Canterbury-led project has been awarded $139,000 of Ako Aotearoa funding to help scientists communicate better.

UC tests new post-quake designed bridges

06 June 2013

University of Canterbury civil engineering researchers are carrying out critical tests on new design bridge columns to improve the quality of bridges so they stand firm in ear