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Phillipstown School hopeful of staying open

14 May 2013

A judicial review of the future of Christchurch's Phillipstown Primary School is still a possibility but it depends on a final decision to be made at the end of the month.

Research into 600,000 NZ asthma sufferers

13 May 2013

New Zealand has one of the highest asthma prevalence rates among developed countries. About 130 New Zealanders die each year because of asthma attacks.

Public demand for UC's legal advice

13 May 2013

Unprecedented demand for free legal services is seeing the Christchurch Community Law Centre and the School of Law at the University of Canterbury (UC) inundated with inquires

Record number of PhD students enrolled at UC

13 May 2013

A record number of 886 PhD students are currently enrolled at the University of Canterbury.

Engineering subject jumps to 21st in the world

10 May 2013

The University of Canterbury has jumped more than 30 places to be ranked 21st in the world in Civil and Natural Resources Engineering in the latest QS world university ranking

More school children should learn sign language

10 May 2013

A University of Canterbury lecturer wants more New Zealand school children to learn sign language.

Quakes impact on couples investigated

09 May 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher is investigating how Canterbury couples' relationship satisfaction was impacted by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Predators attack NZ falcon nests

08 May 2013

University of Canterbury researchers have found that that feral cats, stoats and hedgehogs are likely to be the biggest threats to ground-nesting New Zealand falcons.

UC researches link between surgery and pneumonia

06 May 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher is seeking to better understand the relationship between the drugs given during surgery and post-surgical chest infection.

UC engineer wins quake award

06 May 2013

A University of Canterbury engineer has won the 2013 Earthquake Commission and the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering's Ivan Skinner Award for the advancement of e