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Research with Fonterra to improve dairy products

19 April 2013

Consumers worldwide are looking increasingly at healthy food to improve their well-being that is delivered in a convenient format.

Serious consequences for NZ if war breaks out

17 April 2013

With no sign of tensions easing on the Korean peninsula, a University of Canterbury political scientist says if war broke out there would be significant consequences for NZ.

Veteran astronaut to attend starlight festival

17 April 2013

An astronaut who has travelled almost 27 million miles in space and has orbited the earth 990 times will be the key speaker at the first New Zealand starlight festival in Teka

Education and support helps teenage mums

16 April 2013

countries, after the United States, and a University of Canterbury researcher has found young parents need access to respectful, one-stop, wrap-around support services.

Wine industry to benefit from dryer weather

16 April 2013

The New Zealand wine industry is likely to benefit from a long term trend towards increasing dryer and warmer summers, a University of Canterbury weather expert says.

Unemployment rate has impact on private insurance

16 April 2013

Increases in the unemployment rate reduce the number of people with private health insurance coverage with reductions more pertinent for men and for the elderly.

Research to help disabled people into cars

16 April 2013

Research by the University of Canterbury could significantly help disabled people all over the world transfer more safely and easily from their wheelchairs into their cars.

UC students design triathlon tracking device

16 April 2013

University of Canterbury researchers have designed a new miniature electronic triathlon tracking device to be worn by athletes and broadcast live to smartphone apps.

UC investigating NZ's gross national happiness

16 April 2013

A University of Canterbury statistics researcher is taking a statistical approach to gauge the level of New Zealand's gross national happiness.

UC NEWS logo

12 April 2013

A UC accounting and information systems researcher will graduate next week after completing a Master of Laws thesis on a man who reputedly has the largest tax bill in NZ.