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Forensic issues to help court processes

06 November 2013

University of Canterbury researchers are teaming up with Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) staff to study how blood forms stain patterns.

Christchurch nightlife all set for Cup Week

05 November 2013

Christchurch nightlife, including restaurants, bars and cafes, back is back to 90 percent of pre-earthquake levels.

Researchers investigating greater renewable energy

04 November 2013

University of Canterbury researchers are investigating energy storage devices so they can provide greater renewable energy options for New Zealand.

Psychology expert studying origins of attraction

04 November 2013

A University of Canterbury psychology expert is trying to understand the origins of personal attraction by studying changes in time perception.

Rhodes Scholar motivated by impact of support

01 November 2013

University of Canterbury current Rhodes Scholar at Oxford James Bonifacio today described the $260 million Government support for UC as tremendously motivating.

Student Yanosh Irani excited about modernising UC

01 November 2013

University of Canterbury postgraduate student Yanosh Irani says he is excited to learn that engineering at UC will have its facilities fully modernised.

Leadership and management issues critical future

31 October 2013

A University of Canterbury business expert says issues relating to leadership and management are critical to New Zealand's business future.

Government invests $260m in world class learning

31 October 2013

University of Canterbury Chancellor Dr John Wood and Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr responded with appreciation to the Government's announcement of a significant $260 million

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30 October 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher wants to find out how New Zealanders understand speech, to help people communicate better.

Teachers encouraged to gain deeper understanding

30 October 2013

A College of Education Prestige Lecture will encourage teachers to gain a deeper understanding of Pacific students in order to teach them more effectively.