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Research identifies key reasons for bus bunching

29 October 2013

Bus bunching phenomenon in larger cities has been known about for a long time but University of Canterbury has been researching the reasons for it.

UC technology helping the national power network

29 October 2013

Electricity is the life-blood of New Zealand's economy and new UC technology is helping the people managing the power network ensure the lights will always turn on.

Newmarket viaduct bridge designer to speak at UC

29 October 2013

The design manager of Auckland's Newmarket Bridge viaduct project will give a special talk at the University of Canterbury next month.

Seaweed could inspire a wet-resistant glue

25 October 2013

A University of Canterbury postgraduate researcher is investigating New Zealand seaweed to see if it can inspire commercial wet-resistant glue.

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24 October 2013

A scientist visiting UC says by 2100, climate change will see a one in 20 year drought become a one in two or five year drought in New Zealand.

Scientist raises questions about the human brain

24 October 2013

A University of Canterbury (UC) scientist is raising questions about the function of the human brain and what people know about how the brain works.

Blade runner already focused on Paralympic Games

22 October 2013

UC blade-running student Liam Malone is already fine tuning and focusing on qualifying for the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

UC makes breakthrough in green-planted roof

21 October 2013

UC natural resources engineering researchers Dr Aisling O'Sullivan and Dr Tonny de Vries are investigating the benefits of green roofs for the New Zealand built-environment.

UC researcher on worst NSW bush fires in a decade

21 October 2013

A University of Canterbury (UC) researcher says the current fires raging through the state have devastated whole communities.

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18 October 2013

University of Canterbury student team has won a Dragon's Den style marketing competition for introducing a new health supplement drink under the Berocca brand.