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Seeking to mitigate flooding damage to Tokyo

08 September 2014

University of Canterbury geography researcher Dr Christopher Gomez is investigating river flooding problems and potential solutions for Tokyo city.

Study looks at trustworthiness of politicans

08 September 2014

A UC marketing study has looked at what impact the Thatcher Effect has on perceptions of trustworthiness and liking of New Zealand politicians leading up to the election.

Track testing for international competition

08 September 2014

UC's 2014 engineering car has begun track testing in preparation for the international university design, build and race car competition in Melbourne.

Study to look at wheelchair users and the rebuild

05 September 2014

A UC PhD student is looking into whether people who use wheelchairs have felt included in the Canterbury rebuild and recovery in the three years since the earthquakes.

UC project looking at harnessing methane

04 September 2014

A University of Canterbury research project is looking at the possibility of harnessing methane from New Zealand tannery waste so it can become a source of renewable energy.

App to monitor children's speech

03 September 2014

An app developed by a UC student to help parents monitor the speech, language and communication development of their children is expected to be on the market soon.

UC to help with forestry safety

02 September 2014

The University of Canterbury is to launch a new research project to make sure New Zealand's new forestry roads are safe and are established with minimal environmental impact.

Project looking at car parking buildings and fires

01 September 2014

The potential for a fire to spread through a multi-storey car parking building is largely dependent on how many cars are parked in the building.

Landmark book released on NZ's iconic tuatara

01 September 2014

A landmark publication about New Zealand's iconic reptile, the tuatara, has been released by Canterbury University Press (CUP).

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01 September 2014

A University of Canterbury economics research team is looking at fairness of the job assignments and whether workers are sensitive to the wages of their co-workers.