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University settles with insurers

16 December 2014

The University of Canterbury has agreed to settle its insurance claims under the Universities NZ collective insurance policy arising out of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Dr John Wood re-elected as Chancellor

16 December 2014

A former New Zealand ambassador to Iran, Turkey and the United States, Dr John Wood QSO, has been re-elected Chancellor to the University of Canterbury Council.

Spiders run for their lives

15 December 2014

A University of Canterbury expert says many insects, and also most spiders, are afraid of ants and run for their lives if they encounter myrmarachne melanotarsa.

Business student investigating tax issues

15 December 2014

A University of Canterbury postgraduate business student is investigating tax issues in the United States so the knowledge gained from her study can help inform tax policy.

UC student helps Tonga's Ministry of Health

15 December 2014

Ground-breaking research by University of Canterbury masters student Tom Swan is helping Tonga's Ministry of Health in the fight against mosquito-related diseases.

Big bang of bird evolution

12 December 2014

Two UC biological scientists are part of a massive international effort that sequenced the genomes of 45 bird species helping unearth the best revolutionary framework map.

Priceless old NZ films discovered

11 December 2014

A University of Canterbury historian says three priceless films shot in New Zealand nearly 75 years ago have been discovered in a Californian garage.

Aid worker distributing emergency relief parcels

11 December 2014

UC senior fellow and entrepreneur-in-residence and international humanitarian aid worker Linda Cruse says they have started distributing relief parcels to hundreds of people.

Canterbury summer student numbers surging

10 December 2014

University of Canterbury Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr says it is heartening to see more than 1000 students enrolled in the university's summer courses.

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09 December 2014

People in Christchurch are prepared to walk on average 620 metres to a bus stop, a lot further than overseas studies show, a University of Canterbury survey has found.