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Greater investment in cycling has economic benefit

17 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) urban transport expert believes the Government and local authorities should invest more money into cycling because of the economic benefits.

Research looking at ways to conserve NZ wetlands

16 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) postgraduate student is looking at ways to help conserve one of New Zealand's biggest wetlands.

UC seeking to explain science to the community

15 January 2014

The University of Canterbury (UC) is running a science show at the Canterbury Museum to better explain science to the community.

More than 200 experts to attend fire conference

15 January 2014

More than 200 fire scientists and engineers from all over the world will attend the 11th Symposium of the International Association for Fire Safety Science at UC.

Last chance to manage continental invasion

14 January 2014

Antarctica was protected from human contact until about a century ago but the threat of biological invasions continues to grow, visiting UK researcher to UC says.

New Zealand emissions trading scheme is failing

14 January 2014

New Zealand's initial attempt to mitigate the problem of climate change is on its last legs, a University of Canterbury (UC) forestry expert says.

Research into strengthening social services

14 January 2014

A research project involving UC researchers has secured $1.4 million of Government funding to strengthen ways for social services to engage with families/whānau.

Drunk child shocking for good reason, says expert

13 January 2014

The video showing a drunk nine year old boy this week was shocking for a very good reason. Rare and sad events are shocking, University of Canterbury economist.

Impacts of increased cultural diversity

13 January 2014

A University of Canterbury researcher is looking into the positive impacts of increased cultural diversity through immigration in New Zealand and around the world.

Current food labelling not good enough

13 January 2014

Nutritional food labels are not as effective as once thought and could be impacting on the health of New Zealanders, University of Canterbury research has discovered.