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UC physicist uses huge IceCube to catch neutrinos

15 June 2016

UC Associate Professor of Physics Jenni Adams is part of a large-scale scientific mission to understand an intriguing elementary particle, the neutrino.

UC grows China business connections

14 June 2016

Chinese business and culture is increasingly accessible to UC students through an annual study tour to China, reciprocal exchange visits, and other on-campus initiatives.

World-first research: Can we fix the cough reflex?

14 June 2016

Ground-breaking research at the University of Canterbury has been granted $150,000 to explore whether it's possible to rehabilitate the human cough reflex.

Engineering better medical sensor technology

09 June 2016

Bioengineers at the University of Canterbury are working with St George's Hospital and the Canterbury District Health Board to speed up sepsis detection in the ICU.

What makes the tourism industry more resilient?

08 June 2016

Organisational resilience in the tourism industry, particularly in a post-disaster environment, is at the heart of innovative marketing research at UC.

Gallipoli link to the Armenian genocide

03 June 2016

As Germany recognises the Armenian genocide upsetting relations with Turkey, UC historian Dr David Monger is adding to knowledge of the WWI event and says there's Kiwi link.

Top Science graduate wins 2016 France Scholarship

02 June 2016

The 2016 New Zealand France Friendship Fund Excellence Scholarship has been awarded to Benjamin Wilson from the University of Canterbury.

Feeling at home as a Samoan in Canterbury

31 May 2016

Being Samoan in Christchurch comes with its challenges however the support networks for Pasifika students at UC are making the journey easier.

21 Day Pacific Challenge sends UC students to Niue

31 May 2016

Five entrepreneurial University of Canterbury students will be flying to Niue to make a real difference to a community there, with help from their mentors.

Historic telescope will return stargazing to city

30 May 2016

UC Foundation charity aims to bring back a piece of Christchurch's astronomical heritage by restoring the Townsend Teece Telescope to the city centre.

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