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Didymo directly affects freshwater fish: new study

16 August 2016

A new study by University of Canterbury researchers has shown that the invasive freshwater algae didymo is having a significant impact on fish in our rivers and streams.

Capacity crowds for UC Connect public lectures

15 August 2016

Two public talks at the University of Canterbury will have capacity audiences after both of tomorrow's UC Connect lectures sold out of tickets early.

UC welcomes new Deputy Vice-Chancellor

11 August 2016

Professor Ian Wright will take up the role of University of Canterbury Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, from 22 August.

UC alumni represent NZ at Rio Olympics 2016

11 August 2016

The University of Canterbury is proud to be associated with the New Zealand Olympic team, with 14 past or present students competing in the Rio Games.

UC researchers take leaf from nature to catch CO2

10 August 2016

UC researchers have been awarded research funding from the Royal Society of NZ Catalyst Fund to create a synthetic leaf to use or consume the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Japanese lecturer challenges pupils to a dance-off

09 August 2016

A University of Canterbury lecturer in Japanese has challenged hundreds of Canterbury high-school students to a Japanese pop dance-off.

UC has record number of Doctoral students

08 August 2016

UC is punching above its weight in postgrad achievement and research excellence with record numbers of doctoral candidates and thousands of postgraduates enrolled by mid-year.

Exploring space and STEM to save Earth

05 August 2016

University of Canterbury students got a chance to pick the brains of one of the United States' most influential scientists, NASA Deputy Administrator Dr Dava Newman.

UC marine scientists come to aid of lost Orca calf

05 August 2016

A baby orca separated from its family is the focus of a rescue mission uniting University of Canterbury marine scientists, DOC staff and locals near Tauranga.

Ancient meets hi-tech as UC 3D-prints antiquities

03 August 2016

The University of Canterbury is using modern 3D-printing technology to preserve and study rare classical antiquities, many dating back more than three millennia.

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