The regulations on this site apply to students starting study within the 2018 academic year.

For course details, search on Qualifications and courses or view the 2018 course catalogue (PDF, 2MB).

What has changed in the 2018 regulations:

  • New structure for qualification regulations. Each qualification regulation has a similar structure and is rewritten into clearer language.
  • New glossary of terms to help make sense of some UC jargon.
  • New General Regulations: regulations have been rewritten into clearer language to explain common situations.
  • All UC policies are now available in the UC Policy Library.

See the 2018 Calendar for 2018 regulations (PDF, 2.2MB).

For students

To discuss the requirements for your course of study contact the Liaison Office.


To request updates to regulations (staff only)

refer to the Blue Book (intranet) your college academic manager or contact Academic Services