Video gallery

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More Science at UC

Don't get stuck in a lecture theatre. See our students talk about the real UC Science experience.

Summer School

See footage from UC students on location in Antarctica at their Summer School on Ice. 

Science at UC

Mahali Matahe describes the unique opportunities studying Science at UC provides.

Being a Scientist

At UC being a scientist also means getting out into the great outdoors.

Drone vs. Volcano

UC Geology used drones to get up close and personal with volcanoes in Vanuatu.

Jane's Story

NZSTA community project - story created by Annalise Brown and Sophia Cormack.

Dragonfly Larvae

Nicky Glenjarman explains to students how dragonfly larvae feed just like the Predator.

Chasing Volcanoes

UC PhD student Rebecca Fitzgerald shares her research into volcanic ballistic projectiles.

Team Genetics

Short video series showing the conservation science that guides management of the world's rarest wading bird.

McLellan Telescope

Alan Gilmore shows us how to operate the 1m McLellan Telescope telescope.

Planet Hunters

A team of UC astronomers have eyes on the universe – 24/7 (weather permitting!).

UC Lab Day

Year 10 Māori students work in a first-year Biology lab at the University of Canterbury.