Science graduates get jobs

Research petri dishes student, Biology

The value of science graduates

The benefit of a broad degree like a BSc is that students gain transferable skills needed in a range of industries - scientific and otherwise. A BSc keeps your career options open, while also preparing graduates for the expanding opportunities in new science and technology.

Exciting careers ahead

Interdisciplinary learning makes science more contemporary, relevant and exciting. UC Science graduates find work in a range of different roles and industries. Depending on your chosen subject, you could become a forensic analyst or a food technician, a meteorologist or a marine biologist, a psychologist or a policy advisor, a software engineer or a science writer.

A BSc can open doors to many other careers too, including business, politics, medicine, finance and engineering. Find out more about where a degree in Science could take you.

Science graduates are highly employable

STEM graduates are employed full-time at a higher rate than non-STEM graduates (UC Graduate Destination Survey, 2016).