Bachelor of Engineering with Honours.

Wow, Google! How did that come about?

I’m in software engineering. To graduate we need 800 hours of work experience so I applied for the Google internship in Sydney and got it! I’ve been two summers in a row now.

Congrats! What’s it like?

It’s like a playground and office all in one. They have a big craft space, a library, arcades and you get fed too. They have a huge focus on making sure people feel relaxed which takes a lot of stress off employees. I'd work for them forever. I love it!

Sounds fun… did you get much work done?

Heaps! This year I got to work with a new team on a top secret Android project. The year before I built a dashboard using Django which they still use every day. It’s good to feel like you’ve created something of value.

How has your internship helped you?

It’s certainly given me confidence. As a student you do worry about how different and overwhelming the workplace might be. The internship opportunities at UC give you great experience in the industry.

"The internship opportunities at UC give you great experience in the industry."

Are there good places to study at UC?

We have 24/7 access to nice, quiet workspaces with good computers and the latest software. There's a kitchenette too so you can come in the evening, make a cup of tea and do your work. I like to keep my study and home life separate so it’s great to have these resources available at uni.

And when you’re not studying…?

I'm secretary for WiTSoc (Women in Tech Society). It's a club that creates connections between women studying technical degrees. We’re still in the minority so knowing people to talk to is key. I also teach dance classes at UCanDance, one of the university dance clubs. That’s heaps of fun! I think it's really important to get involved in the social clubs.

Your plans for the future?

I'd really like to go into medical software. Software engineering is great because you can go into any field. I'm lucky – I seem to enjoy everything I try, so I think I’ll be happy whatever I end up doing!