Decanting and Reoccupation

Decanting is the term used for relocating staff, students and physical resources from one building to another for the duration of physical works. Reoccupation is the term used for moving them back into the building after the works.

During Campus Transformation, decanting and reoccupation from usual work spaces into new or temporary work spaces is unavoidable, and the Learning Resources Decanting team are committed to making this process run as smoothly as possible for everyone concerned.

To assist these processes they have well-established procedures in place, and will:

  • Consult with affected departments about their temporary and future requirements
  • Find them an appropriate temporary or new home
  • Facilitate their move
  • Keep them updated with what's happening in their future space

A number of suppliers have been appointed to provide services for the relocation of people and equipment around campus throughout the transformation programme. These suppliers were chosen after extensive sourcing and consultation processes with input from Health and Safety, Colleges technical staff, Capital Projects and Financial Services.

Decanting 2017

2017 will be the most exciting year of the Campus Transformation programme with the three major building projects CETF, RSIC and Rehua being completed.

By early April, the Music and Classics departments will be relocated to the Arts Centre, along with the Memorial James Logie collection which will be on public display in the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities. This gives the University a presence in its ancestral home in the central city once again.

Alongside this, both Dovedale and Kirkwood villages will be vacated by the end of the year.

While exciting, these transitions entail extensive and complex movements of staff and equipment in and out of buildings, followed by considerable settling in periods for everyone concerned.

The Decanting team have sound processes in place to ensure smooth and efficient moves, and the respective Colleges have plans in place to help staff transition into their new accommodations and teaching spaces.

An indication of the scale and extent of Decanting 2017 can be found on the Campus transformation 2017 (PDF).

For any enquiries relating to decanting or reoccupation, contact the Decanting team.


Wayne Robertson, Project Manager Decanting
Phone: 369 3211 or Ext. 93211

Sally Barrett, Project Manager Decanting
Phone: 369 3213 or Ext. 93213