MFAT's New Zealand Scholarships (NZS)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) fund a scholarship programme which supports students from developing countries around the world to study in New Zealand. The New Zealand Scholarships programme allows you to study subjects and earn a tertiary qualification that can make a positive change back in your home country.

To assist with your study in New Zealand, the scholarship programme offers financial aid for accommodation, course fees and living costs, insurance, and airfares (depending on your scholarship entitlements).

The NZ Scholarships programme is managed at the University of Canterbury by our Student Care Team.

NZ Scholarships students at UC

UC hosts around 100 NZ Scholarship students sponsored by MFAT and runs orientations, events and a completion ceremony for all those involved on the programme.

The Student Care Team support MFAT's NZ Scholarship students while studying at UC. As a scholarship student you will be assigned a Student Care Advisor, who will assist you throughout the length of your studies.

You will also receive support with your studies through the Student Care Team's Connections programme.

Thinking of applying?

NZ Scholarships sponsored by MFAT are available to people from selected countries that are considering studying at UC and want to take their experience back to their country to make a positive difference.

For information on how to apply and to check your eligibility please go to the MFAT's NZ Scholarships website.

If you have any questions you may contact the International Relationship Office via email: