Grace Lee

'Learning both hardware and software will give you a better overview of the digital world...'

  • Grace Lee

Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Computer Engineering

Coming to New Zealand from Korea, Grace has excelled during her time at UC so far, an experience that has been filled with opportunities to put her skills in Computer Engineering into action.

‘As part of my study I had the chance to work as a security intern at local company, Dynamic Controls, and my project was about testing Bluetooth security systems, finding the vulnerabilities and fixing them. I enjoyed this project very much because Dynamic Controls created a new project based on my personal interest in cyber security!

‘I have also had the opportunity to work as part of the IT services team, helping students with any IT issues happening at UC. This is such a great opportunity because I am a Computer Engineering student so I can use my knowledge in the real world. I like hardware engineering and would love to work in this field one day, I am especially attracted to the area of embedded system engineering.’

Alongside the practical skills gained, Grace’s dedication to her studies have also resulted in her being awarded membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society in 2016, a well-deserved award in a challenging and evolving area of study.

‘It can be hard at first because this major needs lots of effort to put into your study and you should have a creative thinking process. However, learning both hardware and software will give you a better overview of the digital world so that you can use this knowledge in the industrial field that requires many hardware and practical skills.

‘I enjoy the study environment here at UC. The new engineering building is warm and clean, and it is the best place for you to concentrate on your study as an Engineering student!’

Grace’s love for Computer Engineering has developed into a hobby, and she recently undertook the challenge of designing and creating a robotic car from scratch, gaining inspiration from her Engineering courses.

Outside of her study, Grace also enjoys UC’s outdoor environment, including the campus’s close proximity to local ski fields and landscapes.

‘When I was young, I was told that New Zealand is a country of nature, and that if you are a nature lover then you should head to the South Island! I like to do hiking in the summer and I often drive to Mt. Hutt or Queenstown to snowboard in the winter!’

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