Jason Fa'alili-Fruean

'One of the best things about it is the atmosphere on campus...'

  • Jason Faalili-Fruean

Bachelor of Arts in German with minors in History and European and European Union Studies, and a Bachelor of Music

With his sights set on a career in the police force, Jason sees a number of benefits to studying at university first.

'University is not just about finding a degree to get a job. It's also about finding yourself and seeing what you are capable of as an independent individual. As a young adult, you can take the initiative to balance your study life and social life during your time at university.'

Jason’s favourite subjects at high school were German, music and history, and university was an opportunity to pursue his interests further and gain a more thorough understanding.

'I think it's best to take papers that you are genuinely interested in. Don't take other papers that your friend is taking, or that have the easiest marking!’ he laughs.

‘Studying Music here at Canterbury has really opened my eyes to the value of music and has given me the chance to broaden my tastes. I enjoy my classes because I feel I am learning something new every time.

‘What I like about music is that it can be so strict in one aspect but also very relaxed in another— both the theory and practice.’

While he specialises in classical voice performance, Jason also plays the piano and tenor saxophone.

‘I enjoy playing these instruments as they help me relax and let me take the time to appreciate the sound of music.’

Jason says that having a degree will also give him a good back-up option to a police career.

'Should anything happen to me in the line of duty — as being in the police is not the safest job — I'll have something to fall back on, such as teaching German or music.'

When it came to choosing a university, UC was closest to home but it also won him over for what was on offer here.

'I went to an Open Day at UC when I was still at high school in Ashburton. After visiting the specific departments and seeing what Canterbury had to offer generally, I was convinced, and became adamant that I would study here,' he says.

'One of the best things about it is the atmosphere on campus. It's very welcoming as they have many clubs and societies that you can join. These make you feel you belong not only to that particular club but also to Canterbury as a student. When you see all the flowers, lawns and so forth in the campus landscape it really feels like a 'second home'.

'The facilities are fantastic. The online database of articles, books and journals is very useful and easy to use for assignments or for leisure reading. The staff in the libraries and the lecturers are very helpful and keep the students' interest up.’

Jason's advice to other new students is to keep a healthy work-life balance while at university.

‘It's important as a student to enjoy your time at university. Have fun and play around, but also make time to study hard and keep yourself grounded. Make the most of it as you only live once.'

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