Sherry Chen

'I love being able to meet different people every day and share their stories with the rest of the world...'

  • Sherry Chen

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication and Psychology

Marketing Intern, Christ’s College

Sherry knew that she wanted to study Psychology at university with her interest in understanding people. After an internship as a journalist in China however, Sherry also decided on Media and Communication studies, as the perfect companion subject to her passions.

‘I found media to be a fascinating field! I love being able to meet different people every day and learn their unique stories and be able to help them share their stories with the rest of the world,’ she says.

Combining Psychology with Media and Communication, Sherry’s degree gives her a well-rounded view of events in the world and the people in them.

‘My Psychology degree combines theory and practice by teaching me knowledge that can be applied in real world scenarios. This degree can be used in numerous fields including: education, media, politics, etc. My Media and Communication degree will assist me in receiving a career in the communication profession. This degree also assists in developing relationships between media and the public as well as internal communications, all skills that are deemed useful by government departments.

‘If you like media, marketing and communication, this would be a perfect course for you at UC!’

After settling on New Zealand for her overseas study, Sherry completed foundation studies in Auckland before moving to UC, after hearing about its reputation in her majors. She found that the campus lifestyle suited her need for a diverse student community.

‘The first year up in Auckland was a pretty big struggle being in a new environment. Now, I don’t feel like I’m an international student at all due to my many kiwi friends,’ she says. ‘Everyone is very helpful, friendly and patient. Also, there are many different spots around campus to study and relax, my favourite being the top floor of the library with a spectacular views.

‘I enjoy the magnitude of my classes, because they tend to be smaller in size, and therefore lectures and students alike can communicate more often. Also, the lecturers and professors are extremely helpful, informative and willing to assist students.’

Ilam Apartments was a big contributor to settling into UC, living with multicultural flatmates right on campus grounds.

‘I find it to be a great place to meet people from all over the world and make friends from different cultures!’

Sherry has made quite an impact on the student community herself, as a committee member and participant in UC Language and Cultural Exchange (UC LACE), helping organise the 2016 and 2017 International Welcome events for new students. She also gives students ongoing support as a UC Mentor, to help others settle into UC and kiwi culture.

‘Since I’m an international student myself, I have once been in their shoes and can provide pointers and answer questions based off of personal experience,’ she says. ‘I have many mentees from different countries who I help in adapting to life here at UC.’

She also gets to put into practice her skills helping others as an intern with Christ’s College, after some CV writing help from the Careers team.

‘No matter if it is writing articles for the College Newsletter with the marketing team, or dealing with different situations regarding international students in the International Office, my work challenges me every day,’ she says.

As such, Sherry hopes to gain a career in either education or in media once she graduates.

‘In either case, I will pursue a career in which I am challenged in day-to-day activities where I can utilise my skills and knowledge efficiently for organisational growth, as well as create a healthy working environment.’

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